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How to lose 15 kg in 6 months?

How to lose 15 kg in 6 months?


Motivation to lose weight

Olivia decided to lose weight when her weight showed a previously unimaginable figure – more than 72 kilograms, clothes became too small, and some difficult daily activities began. Precarious work, a love of sweets, and difficulties juggling homework, food preparation, and physical activity made him a priority to seek support. I have already used individual recipes on my part and noticed the transformation of my pupils, so I knew the diet would be tasty and effective.

Lose weight with a dietitian

Our cooperation began on April 26, 2020 – I received completed forms from Oliwia, on the basis of which I began to prepare a diet plan and individual training. She described her goal as follows: “I want to lose weight, look better and feel more free.” Through the interview, she also learned about Olivia’s love of sweets and difficulty maintaining healthy eating habits during her get-togethers with friends. Detailed answers to questions allowed me to prepare a detailed action plan. Oliwia, like every student under my care, received from me not only a diet and training plan, but also a number of recommendations on how to behave, motivation and analysis of the current diet.

The diet I suggested consisted of 4 meals, and the daily energy value was 1,850 calories. The menu was full of easy to prepare and varied meals. What was in it?

Here is an example for a day from Oliwia’s menu:

Breakfast: pudding

Lunch: scrambled eggs

Lunch: pasta with salmon

Dinner: chicken with vegetables

Moreover, in the diet that allowed Olioya to get the shape you want, there is a place for:

Pancakes with cottage cheese

Chocolate Biscuits

And… pizza.

You have to admit it looks pretty good!

Additionally, she suggested Oliwia a training based on resistance exercises supplemented with cardio and interval training.

Two weeks of weight loss effects

Olivia immediately began to implement the plan and throughout the period of cooperation she regularly informed me of her mood, how she was making progress and what doubts she had. The first two weeks have already caused a loss of two kilograms, and in the following weeks the weight has been systematically reduced. I admit that it was good to know: “ Meals are great, very tasty, with some meals I have the impression that the portions are complete not slimming I will not go hungry and when I am hungry, it turns out that the last meal was 4-5 hours ago, so it is time for the next meal” .

To achieve such good results, Olivia didn’t have to stick to the plan 100 percent . During our collaboration, I learned how to deal with the temptations of socializing. On special occasions, I used dessert recipes from my e-book and replaced them with the planned meals on the menu. She also learned to cut back on party delicacies – she didn’t have to give it up entirely, but she could end up eating one piece of cheesecake or a few pieces instead of a dozen pieces of sushi. More importantly, Oulia emphasized in nearly every report that she doesn’t feel like she’s on a slimming diet. After 4 weeks of collaboration, I requested some tweaks to the menu, which of course I did and we continued to work together.

How did you lose 15 kilos ?

The following weeks brought a loss of kilograms and centimeters in circles. Olya was very excited all the time and even got up at 5 in the morning to do pre-work training, and instead of driving to work by car, she would cycle or walk. After 2.5 months, the weight was already 7 kilograms less, the waist was shorter by about 10 cm. Oliya wrote to me: “Well, I can write about the diet again – it’s great, I can’t believe the results myself! The weight is dropping and I feel really great. In addition, I feel that my consciousness has changed: eating, physical activity is simply too much fun for me, and there is no trace of craving for sweets or eating in the city.”

In the second half of July, the body weight did not change for the first time in two weeks. Olya accepted her softly because she herself wrote: “It had to happen someday.” It was a special time in her life and so many occasions to celebrate – her brother’s birthday, her parents’ wedding anniversary… and by the way – a cake, a few glasses of champagne, a lot of fruit, and a general lack of control over the diet.

Such moments are normal during any diet – most importantly not to treat them as an excuse to abandon a healthy lifestyle. My disciples can always count on my support and together I can overcome the most difficult moments . Interestingly, although Oliya’s weight did not show any changes, they were noticeable in the measurements – for two weeks, her hips lost another 2.5 cm! Oh, it’s good to read such reports: “I do the exercises according to plan, even my weight is out of hip strength, and I have no other burden to add. 🙂 I am also happy with the progress of the hollow body exercise – at first I was able to hold the position for a while 6-7 seconds, now up to 25 seconds for 1 approach . Finally, I do more than 2 push-ups – I easily do 4 sets of 10 repetitions, which would have been impossible 6 weeks ago. :)”

We continued our collaboration and Oliwia was joined by her partner, for whom I also prepared a diet and training plan. On their own request, some meals were similar to make it easier for two people to prepare.

The end results of our cooperation were as follows:

weekbody weightmiddlehip circumferencethigh circumferencearm circumference

How does Olwia rate the collaboration?

At the moment, I feel good, lighter, and I buy smaller sizes of clothing in stores, which is a motivator. I’m also glad I was able to learn how to shop. I used to do a lot of shopping, spend a lot of money, and when it came down to it, I had nothing to cook a healthy dinner with, because most of it was in the fridge and there was nothing to eat. I’ve learned to do the shopping so that nothing goes to waste, and I will always find “something out of nowhere” to eat a healthy meal. Most of all, most things have changed in my head, in this approach I no longer treat food as a single zero, but more logically, in my head and without undue constraints. The cooperation with you from the beginning was exemplary, good communication, answer to every question or doubt. The diet was adjusted to my liking, the meals were easy to prepare and very tasty.After a few weeks, I didn’t even feel like I was on a diet: the kilograms were dropping, the centimeters dropping. I am very pleased with the results, I know that this is not the end, and thanks to the habits developed during the cooperation with you, I will definitely lose a few extra kilos.

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