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Interesting information about fitness

Interesting information about fitness

What do you know about fitness…? We provide less common facts and information about physical activity. Some of them have an opportunity to motivate you to exercise, while others provide an incentive for more thoughtful training planning. Enjoy reading!

Why exercise?
1. If only he smiled more often! Exercise improves mood, and is as effective as antidepressant pills in treating mild depression.
2. In order not to suffer from premenstrual syndrome – gentlemen, this is a woman’s business, but the mood of the ladies affects you too. Running together can prevent discord and the “bad days” that follow.
3. For better sex! Yes, yes – more active people tend to love and enjoy gymnastics more.

Cardio Trivia
1. Endurance exercises, especially long-term ones, make the body an ideal fat-storing machine! If you’re not training for a marathon, choose shorter but more intense efforts.
2. You hate running, but love to dance? and what? You don’t need to run to keep fit, just dance – it’s also a great way to get fit.
3. Do you have shortness of breath in the middle of a planned route (running, cycling, etc.)? Choose yourself at the finish line – sometimes this is enough to complete the training. Oh, the power of mind!

Strength Training – You Didn’t Know It
1. You will strengthen your muscles faster by spending more time not raising the load, but lowering it! Therefore, lift weights faster and lower them slowly. A good starting ratio is 1-2 seconds to raise and about 4 seconds to lower.
2. Constant avoidance of strength training exercises throughout your life means that by age 65 you will have gained up to 80% less muscle mass. This means not only fatal efficiency, but also rapid weight gain.
3. Training will make you leaner than regular strength training. In addition, you will be less likely to get injured.


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