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Myths and facts about the effects of air pollution on the skin


We are exposed daily to factors that can harm our health. It’s a temperature change, a bad night’s sleep here, stressful work days there, and air pollution everywhere. In the end, our skin also ends up with the negative effects of all this.


Air pollution, lack of sleep, stress, tobacco smoke and ultraviolet rays oxidize the skin, which is not good. When this happens, the so-called free radicals, which are also formed inside cells by exposure to UV rays, “steal” electrons from the skin cells to self-fix, and this causes a lot of damage.


There is, for example, the degradation of collagen (a substance that supports the skin) and the accumulation of elastin, which is characteristic of photosynthetic skin. As a result, we have premature aging, the appearance of spots and even an increase in the chances of developing types of cancer.

However, this damage can be prevented. To help, understand what the myth is and what is true when it comes to the effects of air pollution on the skin and learn how to protect yourself.


Air pollution x healthy skin


1. Pollution can cause irreparable damage to the skin

fact! Pollution can contribute to damage caused by free radicals, cellular oxidative stress. If due care is not taken, especially considering prevention, the damage can be permanent.


2. Pollution damage is silent and may take some time to appear


fact! Pollution and the action of free radicals can lead to a chain reaction of the skin. The effects are not always immediate and visible – the skin will not turn red, as it does when exposed to the sun without adequate protection. Damage, like damage from the sun, is cumulative. Gradually, clogged pores and inflammation in the cells occur, which can lead to all the problems already mentioned, such as blemishes, wrinkles and aging.


3. Protecting the skin from the effects of pollution requires intensive and complex care


myth! Maintaining a routine of cleaning and grooming and using certain products, such as those rich in antioxidants, is very simple and a huge help when it comes to preventing damage from pollution. City Protics Detox’s face line , for example, promotes a natural detox and contains an antioxidant complex in its formula—which brings us to the next ingredient.


4. Antioxidants are an important weapon to protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution


fact! They act as natural defenses that our skin uses to fight the oxidative damage that pollution can cause. . It can be found in a number of skin care products, often in complex form. On-line City Protics Detox The present antioxidant complex is a vitamin cocktail containing vitamin E as one of its main assets, which protects the skin from external factors and also helps to combat the effect of these harmful substances on cells.


5. Skin cleansing also helps protect the skin


fact! Cleansing the skin is an essential part of the skin care routine. It is recommended to clean the skin upon waking and before bed. For this step, you can use the Cleansing Gel File and the Protex Detox City Cleansing Bar to deep clean, remove pollution particles and exfoliate, as well as Micellar Water. It’s from wet wipes from the same line, to remove pollution residue and remove makeup.


6. It is enough to clean the skin


myth! Care should not stop there. To protect the skin, you need to invest in a Cleansing + Moisturizing combo. With this, you will detoxify your skin and increase its natural protection system to keep yourself protected from external aggressors and have healthy skin. Bet on a face moisturizer with SPF from Protex Detox City . So you’ll have clean, hydrated skin and still enjoy the benefits of the in-line antioxidant complex. Oh, and don’t forget to keep applying sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days and at home, because UV rays are also very harmful to your skin and health.

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