Ice on the face: what are its benefits for the skin?

Ice on the face: what are its benefits for the skin?

Washing your face daily is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine, especially to remove impurities, residue, and bacteria. This simple step, along with good hydration, is essential for the maintenance and protection of the skin.


However, when it comes to facial cleansing, it is essential to understand how the temperature of the water can positively or negatively affect the skin. In this sense, many people are using a new skincare craze: including ice cubes in their daily skincare ritual .


Ice benefits for the face


According to Les Leonor, MD, a dermatologist at Dr. Andre Braz Clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, washing the face with cold water can be beneficial, especially given that constricting blood vessels—when in contact with cold water—can improve appearance. leather.


“By coming into contact with cold water, the blood vessels shrink in size, causing a process called vasoconstriction which helps reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of dark circles,” the doctor explains.


In addition, cold water can still be beneficial for preparing the skin for makeup as it instantly closes enlarged pores, reduces the appearance of surface wrinkles and improves the appearance of skin tone, leaving skin fresher and smoother for layers of product.


Thus, among the main benefits of using ice on the face are the following:


    • Shrinking skin pores


    • Helps reduce facial swelling (especially morning puffiness)


    • Keep acne under control


    • Improves the look and duration of makeup



Can it hurt to put ice on the face?


Like very hot water, very cold water and direct contact of ice with the skin can also cause burning and irritation , especially in people who have more sensitive skin or suffer from certain conditions, such as rosacea, for example.


In this way, it is important for a person to take great care when dealing with ice on the face and to respect the peculiarities of the skin itself. In addition, it is necessary to conduct a medical consultation before using the technique, making sure that there are no contraindications or restrictions on the method.


How to put ice on the face?


If you want to make use of this technique and perform it in the safest and healthiest way possible, pay attention to these precautions when applying ice to your face:


    • Wrap an ice cube in a thin towel or tissue and place it on your face for three to five minutes.


    • Gently massage and rub the ice (wrapped in a tissue) in a circular motion for best results


    • If you have sensitive skin, don’t put ice cubes directly on your face: a washcloth or cold compresses work best.


    • Avoid leaving ice on a specific area of ​​the face for more than a minute


    • Be careful when applying ice around the eyes, as this is a very sensitive area.



What is the ideal skin temperature?


Wash your face with warm water or water at room temperature. It is the ideal means for skin safety and maintenance, as it does not disturb the natural physiology of the environment and allows better absorption of products.

Another important factor to note is that most skincare formulas, such as soaps and facial toners, are specifically formulated for this temperature. Therefore, combining warm water with any product can be the best way to get the best results.

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