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First aid when someone swallows a foreign body

First aid when someone swallows a foreign body

an introduction :

If you swallow a foreign object, it usually passes through your digestive system unabated. But on the other hand, some foreign bodies can get stuck in the esophagus (the way from the pharynx to the stomach). What do you do when you swallow a foreign body?

If a foreign body is stuck in the esophagus. We may need to remove it, especially if the object:

A tapered bone should be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid irritating and injuring the esophageal lining.

A small battery that is placed for watches or car control devices, which causes rapid damage to the esophagus due to the interaction of its materials that may cause serious burns in the pharynx or esophagus.

If a person is able to cough forcefully, they should keep coughing. But if the person is suffocating and cannot cry, laugh or speak, some first aid procedures must be followed to help remove this foreign body without causing any harm to the injured person. What do you do when you swallow a foreign body?

First: Give blows to the back:

The paramedic must stand on the side of the injured (choking). He must place his arm on the chest of the choking person to obtain support. Flex the choking person at the waist so that his body is parallel to the ground. And hit on the back between the shoulder blades of the choker with five separate strokes with the heel of the hand, so that the blows on the back are drawn by a smooth push that the hand makes to the back of the choker.

As for suffocating children, the paramedic must kneel behind him and apply the previous steps.

Second: Perform five abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver):

The paramedic stands behind the choker and holds his hands, then presses the abdomen below the sternum five upward pressures.

Third: The 5 blows on the back must be alternated with 5 thrusts on the abdomen until the blockage is removed and the foreign body is expelled.

If you are the only paramedic, apply back blows and abdominal thrusts before calling 112 for help.

Steps for the Heimlich maneuver on another person:

1 – Stand behind the choker:

Put one foot in front of the second foot for balance. Then wrap your arms around the waist. Then remove the person forward a little.

2- Make a fist with one hand :

Make a fist with one hand and support it with the second slightly above the navel of the victim.

3 – Hold the other hand:

And press firmly on the abdomen with a quick push up, as if you want to carry the person up.

4 – Perform 5-10 physical compressions until the stuck object comes out.

If you are alone, how do you apply Heimlich to yourself:

  1. Put your fist on your stomach a little above the navel.
  2. Grasp the fist of your other hand and lean against a solid object such as a chair or table.
  3. Raise your fist inward and up.

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