Acne treatment in 30 minutes or less

Acne treatment in 30 minutes or less

How to treat within 30 minutes or less:

1- Pimples can be covered in less than one minute:

All flaws can be hidden by a touch of cover-up.
Use a green concealer to conceal any potential redness, or a salmon/orange concealer to counteract blue undertones on darker skin. For lighter or smaller acne, a skin-tone concealer may work on smooth coverage
when applying. Remember this: Use the right lighting, and make sure Make sure you have a small brush to cover small and keep a blending sponge for a perfectly silky finish
Skin tip: In order to find your perfect make-up match – and to guard against potential skin allergies – always test the product on your skin before use.

2- Ice on a pimple: one minute or more.

Ice can go a long way. This cooling method works best for subcutaneous acne inflammation including cysts, nodules, pustules

Never clean your skin.

Then wrap the ice cube in a thick towel or piece of cloth or use a cold compress.

Put the ice for a minute, then remove it.

If the pimple is particularly inflamed, you can apply ice to the pimple until it is clear enough. But it is followed up with repeated sessions with 5 minute intervals between each application. Keep applying ice to the pimple until it is gone enough to cover it. Do this daily if the pimple persists.

3- Acne spots: 

A minimum of 20 minutes.  
Can the small adhesive dots suck the life out of the pimple? Yes – although the time it takes depends on the type of acne, as well as whether it contains a head or an opening for
the secretion of sebum
. Clean the area around the pimple
. If necessary, slit the blister (only if it has a tip) with a sterile tool
. Apply the patch directly to the pimple and wait
. It is important to note that just like any acne treatment, patches may not provide the same results for everyone.

4- In a pimple: 5-15 minutes:

Dermatologists and cosmetologists warn that serious complications can arise during home experiments of a pricking or popping pimple “in the case of especially large or painful cysts, they recommend seeing a doctor, noting that the use of non-sterile instruments can be a preparation for disaster. However, We know that even an oasis pimple can ruin our judgment, so if you don’t mind (or prefer) potential scarring, follow these instructions
carefully ! After cleaning, you should cover the area with a warm pad.You will continue to cover the spot with a warm pad until it dries.If you have an inflamed cyst, you can use ice between warm compresses to reduce swelling.This method will allow the acne substance stuck in your pores to come out, which will prevent you from using your fingers or an instrument. Not sterilized for popping.

5- Mask treatment: 15-20 minutes:

With an easy-to-follow mask treatment, before layering on the mask, cleanse and exfoliate your skin and then add the mask. Give pimples a little TLC. Choose a product that contains ingredients like charcoal, Aztec clay, and sulfur clay, which are known to clear acne.

6- Cortisone doses 4-8 hours:

If the acne is severe and painful, you must make an appointment and go to the doctor to take a dose of cortisone. An injection is injected directly into the skin and helps to combat redness quickly and speed up the healing process.

7- Treat spots overnight at least:

Spot treatment is a targeted method that can take some time and is best followed with an acne patch. You may want to put ice on the pimple before treating it, especially for larger pimples.
After washing your face, put the ice on the pimple for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to apply a topical treatment that contains ingredients known for their acne-fighting abilities, including:
– essential oils such as tea tree or witch hazel
– sulfur cream
– benzoyl peroxide
– aloe vera (aloe vera)
– salicylic acid
– cortisone cream
– a drying lotion
once applied Keep your fingers out of the way and wait for the pimple to disappear.

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