The Wİ-Fİ network is quietly killing us and our children, its damages and ways to prevent them

The Wİ-Fİ network is quietly killing us and our children, its damages and ways to prevent them

For anyone who has a Wi-Fi network in his home, Wi-Fi is an urgent necessity in life and is extremely important! However, Wi-Fi has become a health concern, as some studies have shown. It is particularly harmful to our children. It affects the body as a whole, but the biggest concerns are its impact in particular on the brain and the quality of sleep. Let’s know the effects of WiFi on our lives.

What are the risks of overexposure to Wi-Fi at home?

First – it changes brain functions:

Wi-Fi affects concentration and also disrupts brain function. As a result, brain activity may decrease and you may have difficulty concentrating or even lose memory.

Second – Wi-Fi contributes to the development of insomnia:

Also, Wi-Fi meals can have an effect on sleep as well. If you feel like you are having trouble sleeping, or your sleep is irregular, you may be a victim of Wi-Fi or phone waves. In fact, people exposed to electromagnetic radiation have more difficulty falling asleep. And we all know that sleep deprivation can be harmful to health. Then it is clear that this applies to children more, who are disturbed by these waves during their sleep.

Third – disrupts the growth of children:

Electromagnetic waves from the Wi-Fi network can circulate with the growth of cells, especially in fetuses, which means that it has a significant impact on the fetus of a pregnant woman.

Because this radiation affects the tissues that grow, as is the case in infants. The effect is greater on the nerve cells and the brain. Therefore, children are more likely to be affected by these harmful effects than adults, especially in the matter of their growth and development.

Fourth – It impairs the quality of sperm:

Wi-Fi waves are one of the factors that affect male courtship as well. It reduces sperm motility and causes DNA fragmentation. Thus, it has an effect on reproduction.

In addition, the Wi-Fi radiation can affect the sperm and sometimes distort it, and thus increase the risk of an abnormal pregnancy (a distorted fetus).

Fifthly – increases the stress of the heart:

Some people can also physically interact with the electromagnetic frequencies of Wi-Fi waves.

One of the symptoms that these people can suffer from is an increased heart rate. Therefore, excessive exposure to Wi-Fi waves can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6 tips to protect yourself and your children from Wi-Fi waves:

Today, it is difficult to live without the Internet or without a smartphone. After we learned about the effects of Wi-Fi on our lives, how do you protect yourself from harmful waves?

Here are some tips to protect yourself and avoid the danger of harmful waves:

1 – Avoid installing the internet receiver or router in the bedroom or kitchen, or even placing it on the bedside table. Then it is preferable to put the router in the corridor of the house.

2- Avoid as much as possible keeping your phone in your pocket or near your genitals if you are working. Put it on the desk instead.

3 – Then if you are pregnant, avoid placing the phone or computer near your stomach.

4 – In general, avoid working with your computer on your legs and near your genitals.

5- Avoid talking on the phone for long hours and instead write text messages.

6 – Before bed, disconnect all devices that emit radiation, especially routers.

 After we know the dangers of Wi-Fi rays, we must respect them to protect ourselves and our family.

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