Acne skin – how to take care of it in the winter?


Acne skin – how to take care of it in the winter?

Winter acne-prone skin problems


Sometimes one pimple in a visible place is enough to discourage you from going to school or on a date? This is understandable because many teenagers suffer from this problem. In advanced cases, eruptions spread all over the face and spoil the mood in the morning .. Why do such situations occur with the advent of frost?

Therefore, the mainstay of corona protection around the winter should be multi-directional hydration through creams and body hydration. In addition, it is useful to avoid habits that dry out the skin. examples? We have at least a few for you:

    • the use of cosmetics with alcohol in the composition,


    • frequent cleansing,


    • use cold or hot water for washing,


    • use of care products contrary to the recommendations on the package,


    • Abuse of makeup products, such as poor quality powder. 1.2


Winter acne skin care


Is exacerbation of acne certain in the winter? Of course not, because if you approach skincare with common sense, your skin will not have to produce sebum in cosmic amounts. In addition to avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, always try to choose cosmetics designed specifically for young skin with acne problems, for example the brand Under Twenty. Why is it so important? Because its formula is formulated to gently calm acne, without drying out the skin. On the one hand, to remove existing changes, on the other – to prevent new ones. Even if you are worried about new blisters, don’t panic and don’t overdo it with frequent cleansing or aggressive drying of the lesions. If you do not know if your daily habits are correct, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will find any errors and tell you how to fix them.

Some golden rules not just for winter

Peel winter skin careThese are also universal rules that must be followed throughout the year. The first is a gentle but thorough cleansing of the skin every day, morning and evening. Residues of creams and cosmetics as well as germs and environmental pollution (soot and smog)…. All this puts a lot of pressure on the skin and clogs the pores, facilitating the formation of new flowers. The second rule is to avoid touching your face, especially scratching or squeezing pimples. This just spreads bacteria and makes acne difficult to treat. The third rule can be called the principle of moderation. It happens that people with acne, unfortunately, tend to overdo it with the amount of cosmetics, especially drying and covering, to cover up the flaws. Because of oily skin, there are often new layers of liquid or powder during the day… while the skin needs to breathe to look good. Therefore, it is enough to apply light makeup in the morning and remove excess fat during the day, for example with a clean napkin.

How do you take care of Mink around in the winter ? Choosing the right cosmetics


Clean, fresh, meticulously


When you’re done with your winter beauty kit, start with a good cleaning product. Thin as snow The under twenty active detox foam contains the smallest AHA molecules from glycolic acid, which act on the deepest layers of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is perfectly cleansed and the tendency to secrete sebum is reduced. The foam also soothes irritation, so you’ll love it if you have sensitive skin.

Always finish cleansing the skin with toning. A good tonic for acne-prone skin will help you restore the proper pH and at the same time gently dries up blemishes to get rid of them faster. These properties contain the antibacterial Under Twenty Cleansing tonic, which is worthy of being on the bathroom shelf, not only in winter.

It’s time to peel


Once or twice a week, give your skin an intense scrub in the form of an exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from it. This remedy has a soothing, refreshing and beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin. Most important – avoid coarse-grained “heavy” peels in favor of more delicate ones, such as the antibacterial enzymatic peel under the 20s. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it acts as an antioxidant and at the same time moisturizes the skin. Just apply it on your face for 5 minutes and rinse with water. sitter!

Something more than cream

Peel Winter Facial Care It’s not just a cleansing. It’s time to choose the right cream … What if you combine the moisturizing effect of a day cream with the covering properties of a liquid? BB cream comes out of this procedure. Acne-prone skin must perform additional tasks. For example, Under Twenty Anti-Bacterial Anti-Bacterial BB Cream cares and evens skin tone to keep it soft, smooth and radiant all day long. The product also prevents the skin from excessive shine. It is light and does not clog pores, so you do not have to worry that it will aggravate your acne problem.

Winter is too beautiful to hide from the world with pimples and blemishes. How do you take care of the skin during this period? If you maintain self-discipline and remember the above tips every day, your acne will surely be easier to control and your skin will regain freshness, hydration and a youthful glow.


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