an introduction :

an introduction :

Many of us sometimes suffer from the appearance of pimples on or around our lips, and sometimes even extending to the face. These pimples are very annoying. Then the fever pills are small blisters that appear on the periphery of the lips or on the lips themselves. Have you ever suffered from the appearance of fever pimples on your lips? Let’s know about these pimples and the causes of their appearance and treatment. (treatment and prevention of fever blisters)

What are fever blisters?

Fever pills are those pimples that appear on or around the lips and then even in different areas of the face sometimes. Then it causes severe discomfort, pain and itching for the affected person. It is often due to an increase in body temperature.

These blisters usually remain from a week to ten days and then disappear after that. Previously there was no cure for these pimples. It would stay for a few days and then go away on its own. Moreover, these days, medical preparations (antivirals) have been found to treat it or to alleviate it.

What are the causes of the emergence of fever pills?

Infection with the herpes virus is the main cause of this fever, but it is not transmitted through sexual relations. It is transmitted through touching the face, kissing and sharing personal items.

Moreover, this virus has the ability to stay in the body for years without causing symptoms or disease, but it waits for some catalyst to appear and cause fever pills.

What are the catalysts that help the emergence of fever pills?

Prevention is better than cure. Then, to protect ourselves, we must know the things that help the emergence of fever pills.

Common triggers that trigger pimples to appear are:

1- Weakening the immune system, then we must support the immune system through healthy foods that support it.

2- Skin injuries.

3- Stress and psychological pressure.

4- Hormonal changes in women, especially menstruation.

5- Exposure to dry winds or sunlight.

6- Eating some foods such as sharp and spices.

7- Having an illness or surgery.

What are the symptoms and signs of the onset of pimples?

First: itching in the place where it will appear.

Second: then feeling a burning sensation and a fever in the place of appearance .

Third: Then tingling in the place where it will appear.

These symptoms warn of the appearance of pimples in a short time, perhaps a few hours. This is the optimal time to treat it, that is, before the appearance of the pimples, the treatment is effective, but after its appearance only palliative treatments.

What is the treatment of fever pills?

Antivirals are the best treatment for fever pills. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the injury. While other people who are frequently exposed to infection must have antiviral drugs, the most famous of which ( Acyclovir ) is in the form of ointments, which is useful in these cases. Moreover, these medicines prevent the reproduction of viruses and thus prevent the appearance of pimples, and they are only available under a prescription

But if you feel that fever pills will appear, it is recommended to take paracetamol or antipyretics every 4 hours. If in our mind this Tarafta treatment and prevention of fever blisters.

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