8 things you should not do right after eating because it is harmful to health

8 things you should not do right after eating because it is harmful to health

In our daily life, there are some bad habits that we do without noticing their harmful effects. And these habits that we do are after food and have a harmful effect on our health. Habits that are harmful to our health we do immediately after eating, including:

First: Eat fruits after a meal:

There is no doubt that fruits are the best food source ever. But when eating fruits after a meal, it limits its absorption, which leads to problems in the digestive system (indigestion) and the food loses its nutritional value. The best way to eat fruits is on an empty stomach or after a while of a meal.

Second: Smoking:

Doesn’t he like a lot of smoking after food? However this is the worst thing you can do on your own. The nicotine you eat mixes with oxygen and leads to many problems. That is, it forms a compound with hemoglobin in your blood and disrupts the supply of oxygen to vital parts of the body, such as affecting the intestines, which leads to irritation and increases the chances of developing bowel cancer. Therefore, you must get rid of this habit that provides great harm to you. We find that smoking is one of the worst habits harmful to our health that we do right after eating.

Third: Sleeping immediately after a meal:

The best thing that some of us prefer is to sleep immediately after a meal. Once we eat a meal, it takes time to be digested. Sleep is an obstacle to digestion and a problem for internal exercise. Consequently, many people suffer from flatulence, pain, pain, colic, and so on.

Fourth: taking a shower.

Taking a shower after eating is a big mistake. When taking a shower, the body temperature rises, which leads to the dilation of blood vessels, and thus the heart pumps a greater amount of blood to the skin throughout the body. This constitutes a slave to the heart and a danger to it at times. It also affects the work of the intestines due to the lack of blood that is pumped to it from the heart. Therefore, it is recommended to invest one hour after a meal.

Fifth: Drinking water immediately after eating:

Water plays a vital role in our lives. Consuming water at regular intervals is necessary to keep your body hydrated. But when you take it immediately after a meal, it interrupts the work of enzymes and secretion of digestive juices. The result is bloating, acidity and some intestinal pain.

 Sixth: Loosen the belt of the pants:

When you eat and reach the stage of fullness, and you loosen your belt, you bring yourself many problems. When you get to the belt-release stage, you are definitely fully loaded. Once you remove your belt, the pressure around the stomach changes, and thus this disrupts the work of the stomach and the digestive process and the occurrence of health problems.

Seventh: Drinking tea and coffee immediately after eating:

Many of us drink tea or coffee immediately after a meal, and this is a mistake because tea works to prevent the body from absorbing iron. Iron absorption is inhibited to 87%, which leads to iron deficiency in the body and thus anemia.

Eighth: Exercise:

Experts advise not to exercise immediately after a meal. Exercising on a full stomach can cause vomiting, nausea, or hiccups. Serious convulsions may occur. And if it is necessary to exercise, it is preferable to walk only lightly.


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