12 healthy ways to relax yourself

12 healthy ways to relax yourself

When you are anxious, sad, confused, or simply need some calm. It is useful to have a set of convenient tools

And health that you can resort to. But some soothing activities are not suitable for everyone.

For example, some people are allergic to bath salts. While others cannot drink herbal tea due to possible drug interactions (such as blood thinners).

Not many can also afford the cost of manicures. About the massage and most of it is pressed for time. So we asked three experts for their opinion on how readers can calm their minds and bodies.

 Without the need for a lot of money, time or anything else. In this regard, here are several tips to comfort yourself. Anyone can use it to calm themselves down when they are having a bad day

1- Tighten your body:

Anxiety tends to hijack the body. Between what each person stores anxiety in different places, the common areas are the jaw, hips, and shoulders. According to Anna Jet Jelly, a body-strengthening instructor, yoga teacher, and founder of Curvy yoga, she suggested standing and doing full-body stretches. Extend your arms over your head, then slowly fold forward, open your mouth and close slowly

2- Take a shower:

Taking a shower after a tough day makes the body feel better. This is what many researches have indicated. Bathing also makes you feel energetic and vital.

3- Visualize a positive picture:

A psychologist says that the image you choose can be anything. From the sun to the ocean waves to a friend or loved one. She suggested combining visualization, breathing, and repeating the sequence several times. When you inhale and stretch your arms out in front of you, she said, keep the picture in mind. Then exhale and bring both hands to your heart while thinking about the image the whole time.

4. Speak compassionately to yourself.

Self-compassion promotes mental health. Some research indicates that it helps you reach your goals, and that means giving yourself some kindness. Like you do with a good friend. Unfortunately, self-compassion does not come naturally. Lots of it. Fortunately, you can learn to treat yourself with care.

5- Helping others:

Connect with people you trust to support you. We are connected by connecting with others and calming each other through emotional and physical contact.

6- Establish yourself

Some people feel dizzy or as if they are floating outside their bodies. Being careful to feel your feet on the ground can help keep your feet on the ground. It can put you back in your body and help you navigate what you want to do next. Imagine the thick roots growing from your feet to the center of the earth, attracting you and giving you a firm foundation.

7- Listen to relaxing music:

Create a playlist of relaxing songs that help creativity or connect with positive memories or experiences. The benefits of listening to soothing music, according to the latest studies, soothing tones with breathing will help lower blood pressure as well. By following several tips to comfort yourself. You will be extremely relaxing.

8- Practicing wakefulness

You should focus on what you are doing now. For example, when you are washing dishes, walking to your car, or sitting at your desk, you should pay attention to all the scenes. For example, if you are washing dishes, focus on the smell of soap and hot water flowing from the tap into your hands. The application of vigilance to the feelings and at the same moment you must ask yourself how you feel, to do so in reality. Allows detachment from feelings and thoughts and their observation. Simply if you were watching a movie, she said it helps you get out of your head and into your body.

9. Keep your body moving.

If you feel the urge to engage in self-soothing behavior, engage in something positive and active. Like an exercise or a body game.

10- Positive image:

When we expect a potentially stressful situation. We start thinking about all the different ways you could go wrong again. You can use positive visualization to your advantage to get yourself out of your inner drama. Try to imagine the situation is going well and feel what you want to feel at the moment. It is to see yourself away from difficult conversations and situations.

11- Minimizing and minimizing matters:

Look at situations or pressures from a larger perspective. When you are in the moment the challenges of the moment seem overwhelming, but put your situation into the bigger picture in your life. It may help you realize that you don’t need to give her a lot of energy, for example. You must ask yourself, does this matter in one year? The last years? When I reach the end? My life How important is this situation in the past ?

12- Practice alternate breathing:

Breathing techniques are an instant way to calm the thick of it. Take deep breaths. Slowly, you tell your mind that everything is fine and continue this chain, which then threatens the rest of the body. Keep breathing in this position for at least ten full breaths.

Finally, psychological comfort is an important thing for every person. If you do not improve, it is preferable to visit a psychologist to help you. Be careful not to be emotional no matter what the circumstances surrounding you.

We hope that our article has brought you many tips to comfort yourself.

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