What are warts? And what are its types? And what is its treatment?

What are warts? And what are its types? And what is its treatment?

 Warts : They are local tumors in the skin caused by the human papillomavirus. Some types of viruses infect human papillomavirus. The oral mucosa and the genital membranes produce large masses that can sometimes become cancerous. Other types of HPV are responsible for common benign skin warts.

Not associated with cancer, although warts are sometimes contagious. They often affect only one part of the body, such as the hands or feet, but they can spread to other areas. Let’s find out how these warts are treated.

What are the symptoms and signs of the different types of warts?

What is the treatment for warts? Is there a home remedy for warts?

Common warts can be annoying to anyone, it should be noted that we become warts on average. It disappears automatically within 18 months in normal people. The information in this article about the treatment of common warts, does not apply to genital warts. Over-the-counter treatment of common skin warts has long been based on the use of products containing salicylic acid. To destroy warts, newer over-the-counter wart treatments include a carbon dioxide spray to freeze the warts .

Salicylic acid preparations:

These are available in the form of droppers, gels, pads and patches. It is designed for application on many types of warts, from small to large. Salicylic acid is a medicine that resolves keratosis. This means that it dissolves the skin protein keratin, which makes up most of the wart’s mass. And the thick layer of dead skin that often tops it .

Methods of freezing without a prescription:

Warts treatments available without a prescription. It uses a nebulizer that freezes warts at minus 57 degrees Celsius, compared to liquid nitrogen. The one used by most dermatologists, which is colder than minus 196 degrees Celsius  .

Adhesive tape :

Adhesive tape is placed on the wart and covered all the time and removed for an hour every week, and replaced frequently

Is it safe to use over-the-counter wart treatments?

It is important to follow instructions when treating warts with over-the-counter medications. If salicylic acid comes into contact with normal skin, it can cause burning or redness. But rarely, infection or scarring occurs. The skin returns to normal when the person stops applying the salicylic acid product. However, it is best not to use salicylic acid on sensitive areas. Such as the face or groin, where it is likely to make the nearby skin uncomfortable.

It is generally recommended not to use salicylic acid on diabetics or in areas with poor circulation. Likewise, over-the-counter freezing products are also reasonably safe. But it must be used carefully according to the instructions on the package only because it works by destroying all living tissue .

Is pimple treatment effective?

Above all, wart treatments require patience. The fact that there is a variety of treatments for warts. Evidence for the fact that there is no single best treatment, warts can appear and disappear without a specific reason. It often goes away on its own without treatment. Warts are not painful at all. It may even be located in areas subject to pressure or friction, such as the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Treatment methods may require a number of sessions over a period of weeks, months or more.

Here’s a practical way to treat warts?

  • Ignore the warts. Eventually they will go away on their own.
  • In the event of uncomplicated cases, see a doctor for a quick freeze or electrical destruction. This method is simple and somewhat painful, but does not leave scars.
  • For plantar warts on the bottom of the foot that appear deep. They are peeled to become thin without causing bleeding. Then apply salicylic acid and plasters.
  • Common hand warts are painless. Salicylic acid often shrinks warts, encouraging their dissolution, as well as effective freezing.

Note: In the case of warts under and around the nails, these are very resistant to treatment. It’s worth trying once or twice by a doctor before you get injured. But if it fails, putting acid on it makes it look tough.

Mosaic warts These small warts can multiply by dozens or hundreds all over the sole of the foot. They rarely respond to any kind of treatment. Although in this case, too, it may be two attempts, the treatment is correct.

Flat warts are small, flat, flesh-colored bumps on one part of the body. For example on the face, arms or thigh. Get rid of them by lightly applying salicylic acid or any other method that is easy enough but tends to be repeated.

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