Heartburn Causes and Treatment

Heartburn Causes and Treatment


Burning urine is one of the most common problems that people suffer from, whether men or women, while women are the most vulnerable to this problem. And lead to a feeling of pain and burning during urination. This situation has increased due to the change in the nature of food, as the demand for ready-made foods that contain high levels of salt and spices has increased, in addition to other reasons. In this article, we will discuss the treatments for heartburn and its causes.

Causes of burning urine:

There are many causes of burning in urine, including:

First: infection of the sewers and urinary issue.

Second: the accumulation of salts and sediments in the urinary tract.

Third: The presence of stones or grains of sand in the bladder and ureter.

Fourth: the occurrence of ulcers in the bladder.

Fifth: Vaginal infections, which result from the presence of types of fungi in the vagina. The symptoms of these infections are the annoying itching in the vaginal area, and the descent of foul-smelling secretions.

Sixth: high blood sugar.

Burning urination treatment:

To treat heartburn, several steps must be taken, namely:

1 – You must drink a large amount of water, estimated at about three liters per day, because drinking water leads to the desire to go to the bathroom greatly, which leads to the elimination of bacteria that cause infections and itching in the urine.

2-Drink large amounts of water in order to get rid of kidney and bladder stones and work to break them up.

Avoiding foods that contain high levels of salt and spices.

4- Not to sit in cold places because it is a suitable environment for the reproduction of bacteria, which leads to infections. Therefore, it is necessary to work on warming the body permanently, especially the lower abdomen, to help stimulate blood circulation in the body.

5-You must urinate upon completion of sexual intercourse, and this is necessary because this prevents the formation and reproduction of bacteria, thus protecting the urinary tract from any type of infection.

6- In the event that burning urine is not eliminated for a long time, you must go to the doctor, in order to diagnose the appropriate condition for this and should not be neglected because it leads to a problem or the occurrence of greater problems.

 From it, we conclude from the above that the main cause of burning urine is infections in the sewers and urinary tract, which result from diets that contain percentages of salt, spices and spices. To avoid this, foods that contain moderate percentages of these elements must be eaten. We hope that our article has achieved the desired goal of knowing the treatments for heartburn and its causes.

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