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Hair Loss Pandemic: Learn the Best Way to Care for Wires

Hair Loss Pandemic: Learn the Best Way to Care for Wires

Noting that wires fall out often and easily has become common during an epidemic. Doctors believe that the physical and emotional stress caused by COVID-19 may be responsible for reversible hair loss, telogen effluvium. The body’s effort to deal with infection and the consequences of disease progression can cause nutrient deficiencies in the hair follicles, causing hair to transition from the growth phase to the shedding phase, characterizing telogen effluvium.


In addition, the epidemic has significantly changed the daily lives of thousands of people, and has become a major factor affecting the health of hair for a large part of the population. Understand better how this hair loss occurs.


Why is my hair falling out?


Hair follows a life cycle that occurs in three phases, namely anagen, anagen, and telogen. That is, the wire grows, rests and falls in a row. On the scalp, you will always have wires that go through different phases.



For a better understanding, the anagen phase is the phase in which hair is born and grows. This period can vary according to the genetics of each one, but it lasts – on average – from two to eight years. On the other hand, the regression phase, which is a period of regression where hair growth stops. Meanwhile, the telogen phase occurs when the wires are ready to fall, and lasts on average from two to four months.


In cases of diseases, stressful events, rapid weight loss, surgeries, changes in habits, genetic issues or autoimmune diseases, the telogen phase can be expected, interrupting or damaging the wire growth, leading to hair loss. Therefore, in these cases, the hair tends to become thinner and more brittle.


When you think about it, it’s not too difficult to link hair loss to COVID-19. Many dermatologists have noted severe hair loss in patients, and much of this is due to extreme stress and anxiety caused by an epidemic, or exposure to disease. Paying attention to these changes is essential to take the first step when seeking treatment, always with medical advice.



Although telogen hair loss usually does not last more than six months, there are cosmetic solutions that can help and stimulate hair growth.


How do I take care of hair in a pandemic


The health of our hair is a reflection of what we feel, do and eat. Therefore, food is one of the pillars of good hair health, and it can help treat hair loss. A diet rich in nutrients such as protein, iron, omega-3, zinc, selenium and biotin is important to combat this type of hair loss.


Managing emotional stress is also essential to healthy hair. So, find a relaxing practice that works best for you, it could be meditation, yoga or some exercise, and ramp up your self-care.


Another important procedure is to use products specific to your hair’s fragility stage. If it is thin and brittle, strengthen it. Nioxin Anti-Hair Loss Serum, for example, contains technology that delivers hair density in the first use, resulting in a 20% reduction in hair loss within eight weeks. In addition to an exclusive formula that combines Sandalore TM contains caffeine, lauric acid and niacinamide, which positively affect the hair growth cycle.


That’s because caffeine is an excellent antioxidant, helping to maintain the skin barrier, which helps increase blood microcirculation in the scalp, making it easier for nutrients to reach the wire root. Lauric acid is also a compound that deserves special attention because, in combination with caffeine, it is a fatty acid that protects the hair roots.


Nioxin offers differentiated treatments to reduce hair loss and still leave the scalp and strands thicker and stronger. In addition, the brand has customized systems to meet the needs of each hair type, such as natural, colored and chemically treated hair.


Take care of your scalp: Hair care should start from the roots, so following a hair care routine is also essential to restore hair health. Check out some essential care to keep your scalp healthy and prevent hair loss.


Pay Attention to Washing: Washing is an important step to remove impurities and provide essential nutrients to the strands. Nioxin Systems, the #1 professional brand against hair thinning, should be applied to the scalp, i.e. shampoo or conditioner or left on should reach the root of the hair.


The brand has a three-step system for wire processing, which includes cleaning, hydration balance and curing.



The role of cleaning, for example, is to improve the condition of the scalp and remove impurities from the strands – such as excess oil – that can clog hair follicles. Thus, the result is threads with greater growth potential.


On the other hand, hydration protects hair density and also helps boost hair resistance, considering that dehydrated hair tends to break more.


The third step in the Nioxin regimen is treatment. Through it, the scalp and strands receive adequate nutrients and even become fuller, ending the hair care cycle.


Beware of heat sources: Are you going to use a hair dryer and flat iron? So do not forget to use a heat protectant to protect the length of the hair and keep the dryer at a distance of at least 20 cm from the root. For a flat iron, leave a distance of about one and a half centimeters from the scalp.


No nail massage: When massaging the scalp, either with shampoo or some medicated product, use your fingertips only in circular motions, and don’t use your nails. Small cuts on the scalp are the gateway to infections that will weaken the hair.


Take care of your scalp while you sleep: Avoid sleeping with wet hair, as this can spread fungi and bacteria on the scalp, and use a night treatment product. Nioxin Night Density Rescue, for example, is an anti-hair loss serum that contains a powerful blend of antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals in the scalp, reducing oxidation-related hair loss in the area. Its technology also stimulates an increase in the density of capillaries.


The product adds strength to the hair and scalp, which upon recovery delivers its full potential. The product is suitable for all hair types.

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