How to choose the right cosmetic contact lenses for yourself

How to choose the right cosmetic contact lenses for yourself

There are many ways to improve your appearance these days. You can do little things like use make up and hair styling tools. Some of them are more important like fake hair extensions and nails.

And now you can get colored contact lenses that change the look of your eyes. There are many celebrities, models, and social media influencers who use cosmetic contact lenses to change their appearance with different outfits and makeup.

Colored cosmetic lenses can be a great way to get an exciting new look, but there is a lot to know and think about before using this type of contact lens.

If it is used incorrectly, there can be some rather serious consequences. Therefore, you must know how to choose the appropriate contact lenses and how to use them.

We hope that this article will help provide you with the knowledge you need to use colored and cosmetic contact lenses safely.

What are contact lenses and how do they work?

Cosmetic contact lenses are colored lenses that change the appearance of the wearer’s eyes. These eye colors can be medium, such as brown, blue, green or hazel.

It can also come in more exotic colors such as purple, yellow, orange…..

It can come in fashion designs, it can have an animal appearance or even make the eyeball look a solid color like black or white.

Contact lenses come in two main options, either prescription or over-the-counter:

  • Medically prescribed cosmetic contact lenses: These are contact lenses that correct nearsightedness, hyperopia or astigmatism while changing or improving the color of the wearer’s eyes.
  • Non-prescription cosmetic contact lenses: These lenses do not contain lenses to correct or improve vision. They are sold for purely cosmetic purposes.

The cost of cosmetic colored lenses is often higher than the regular traditional lenses. For users of colored lenses, the results are worth the price difference.

How to choose lenses?

Contact lenses come in a variety of groups with different features for each type, where the lenses are used for a month or more, and there are single-use lenses that are not intended for use more than once.

Here we must search for what kind we can use contact lenses and what is most suitable for us in all respects.

Various cosmetic effects that can be achieved by using colored contact lenses:

There are several types of tint levels that you can choose with a cosmetic contact lens. Let’s give these contact lens options:

  1. Vision color: This type of pigment usually does not affect the color of the iris at all. Tinting is simply seeing and handling of traditional clear contact lenses better for ease of use.
  2. Color Enhancer: This type of colored contact lenses have a bit of color to enhance the color of your eyes, it is not meant to completely change the color of your eyes. This option is better for people with light eyes. Dark eyes may not be affected significantly by the enhanced color.
  3. Opaque color: These cosmetic contact lenses have an opaque color that can completely change the color of your eyes. This is the best option for those who have dark eyes. That is, you can go from dark brown to bright blue using opaque lenses.
  4. Custom colored contact lenses: There are some companies specialized in making custom colored contact lenses for each wearer, whether with a prescription or without a prescription. This type of contact lens is used even by patients with vision defects or injuries.

Choosing the right cosmetic contact lenses according to your natural eye color:

There is little ingenuity in finding the right cosmetic contact lenses. You will look for a color that matches your skin, hair color and eye color. If you take into account these points, you will get a result that you will appear with a natural appearance as if you were not wearing contact lenses.

How to wear cosmetic contact lenses? Tips :

If you are a contact lens wearer, it should be very easy to use. As for those who have never used contact lenses, prepare yourself for what may be a strange experience at first. However, you should get used to the feeling very quickly and with a little practice putting it on and taking it out should be very simple.

The most important factor to consider when using any type of contact lens is hygiene. Make sure to wash your hands before any use of cosmetic contact lenses. This also includes even when you do not intend to insert them into your eyes, i.e. wash your hands well before touching the contact lens.

If it is not meant to be worn for long periods of time, it should be taken out every night. Sometimes sleeping with the wrong types of lenses can have serious consequences and eye health should be put as a top priority.

_ Make sure the contact lens solution is valid and do not use it if it is expired, and only buy solutions from a reliable source.

Never share contact lenses with another person.

_ Make sure to clean and soak contact lenses properly in accordance with their instructions and directions for use.

_ If you feel a glow in your eyes or a feeling of discomfort or discomfort when putting the lenses, remove the lenses and consult a doctor.

Finally: We hope that the article has helped in obtaining the necessary information to choose cosmetic contact lenses for you. There are many options for shopping. Make sure the sources are reliable. Consult your doctor.

Once you have covered the safety essentials, have fun, get creative with your look and go out of the way with beautiful, bold colored lenses.

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