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Natural ways to get rid of back acne

Natural ways to get rid of back acne

an introduction :

What is acne ?

Acne is the uncontrolled appearance of pimples on the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. The most common place after the face is the back, and the most difficult thing to get rid of it permanently. However, by using many methods, back blisters may disappear for a period, but they may return after a few weeks. The acne on the back is the most sensitive part, because it is the area that absorbs the most sweat, and even when showering and as a result of not being well controlled, shampoo and residues also exacerbate the problem of acne. How to get rid of acne naturally?

What are the ways to remove acne from the back?

Bathing daily can reduce back acne, but it does not eliminate it completely. In addition, the use of cotton clothing also helps reduce these problems. Every time the weather changes, in wet weather the problem starts again. Through research and experiments, there are some natural home remedies to solve the problem of back acne through local natural mixtures that are easy to apply at home. Ways to get rid of acne naturally:

First – sea salt:

Sea salt has the ability to absorb excess oils and moisture. Thus preventing acne, however, bacteria will not grow in dry conditions and the remaining bacteria will not be able to survive. In fact, the use of organic sea salt is necessary to get the best results as it is a powerful disinfectant. If you cannot bathe directly in sea water, you can add 3 cups of sea salt to the bathtub, then immerse your body in it for half an hour, then rinse your body with plain water while avoiding rubbing hard. Then dry your body with a clean, dry towel.

Then put the appropriate moisturizer on your skin, apply this bath daily before bed for 10 days and you will get amazing results. Or in another way we put 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt in a spray bottle and put it on the back. Spray on your back twice a day, then dry it with a cotton ball.

Second – apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar also helps treat acne and reduce infection. In fact, apple cider vinegar is antiseptic, antibacterial and controls the pH of the skin, reducing microbial growth. Put a cup of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray on the back 20-30 minutes before showering. Cotton clothes can also be sprayed and worn before bed.

It can be kept in the refrigerator and used cold when needed.

Third – carbonates:

Baking soda contains the most effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps treat all types of infections. However, it reduces oil production in the follicles and thus eliminates the bacteria on your back.

Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl and make a paste with water. Wait a few minutes and then apply it on the acne using cotton balls or a brush.

Then take a shower with cold water. Repeat the same process daily until the acne marks disappear.

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