The impact of phones, screens and tablets on children

The impact of phones, screens and tablets on children

Cell phones can be an easy way to distract children and keep them occupied for a little rest. However, they have bad negative effects. Some of the negative effects of regular use of mobile phones include:

Tumors :

Now we don’t mean to scare you with this information, but it’s good to know that studies indicate a possible increased risk of tumors for those who use cell phones excessively. There is limited evidence that tumors are caused by cell phone radiation, but as a parent you may want to limit The time it takes for your children to use cell phones to avoid any other potential dangers to them.

Effect on brain activity:

Studies indicate that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, however, there is a need for more studies to prove that radiation can disturb brain activity. Because mobile phones operate mainly on electromagnetic waves in all forms of communications, even internal.

And the brain has special electrical impulses where connections are made in the neural network, and this may affect the brain. What can affect the brain is the content the child is exposed to and screen time.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to control a screen and ensure that the child has access only to certain programs, games, and so on that are suitable for their work. Phone time will not affect the child’s learning or focus on things or activities.

Such as studies, hobbies, sports, etc. If the time is right, we can protect our children from the dangers of phones.

Brain defects and some neurological diseases:

Some young children, especially those who are not more than one and a half years old, and whose parents leave them in front of the TV screen for long hours, where the child is fully attentive to the screen, which leads to the cessation of brain development and activity only in a certain direction, which leads over time to the child’s acquisition of abnormal behavior (autism), and that also It applies to children who use the mobile phone for long hours every day, as they are separated from their outside world and focus all their attention on the phone. These are exposed to a large percentage of autism, depression and anxiety.

Academic performance:

Many children carry their phones to school. Chatting with friends or playing games during school breaks, or even in class, increases day after day. This results in children not being interested in their lessons or missing important lessons. As a result, ignorance spreads, failure in exams and studies, and thus the possibility of failure on a life level.

Moral corruption:

The mobile phone is a dangerous media tool, which is used for the wrong purposes. Children may come across immoral messages, texts, images and videos that they share with their friends, thus finding pornography at an early age and delinquency. Their perceptions of life and their thoughts change, they can be completely failed at all levels of their lives and completely

sleep disturbance

Children may stay up at night late playing games, navigating social media or talking with friends, which over a period of time leads to feeling tired and exhausted and disrupts life as children feel so sleepy that they cannot focus on their lessons school and thus has a negative impact on all aspects of their lives.

Medical issues:

Children use phones, even in their spare time, do not participate in physical activity and do not get fresh air. This puts them at risk of developing obesity and other diseases, which can later develop into harmful diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

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