The effect of corona covid19 on pregnant women…important

The effect of corona covid19 on pregnant women…important

The new results indicate that pregnant women infected with covid19. Women who are not pregnant with covid19 are less likely to develop symptoms. But they may need intensive care if they are seriously ill. In this article, we will review the effect of Corona on pregnant women.

New research and findings help shed light on the risks of covid19 for pregnant women and their babies. Studies indicate. To the pregnant women who are examined in the hospital, infection with covid19, whether the result is confirmed or suspected. Less likely to have fever or muscle pain, but if the injury is severe. They are more likely to be incubated in intensive care than non-pregnant women

Pre-existing medical conditions:

Evidence currently indicates that the elderly and those who suffer from obesity (who have obesity) or people who have chronic diseases, diabetes, pressure, heart disease … are at risk of developing serious health complications when infected with covid19, whether the woman is pregnant or not.

Therefore, it is necessary for pregnant and newly pregnant women to take all precautions to avoid covid19, especially if they have basic conditions (pathological precedents).

The risks of covid19 for newborns and women:

The results of the research show that pregnant women or newly pregnant women infected with covid19 were more likely to give birth prematurely. And 1 in 4 of all babies of women with covid19 were admitted to the neonatal unit. But data on the causes of premature births or indications of admission to the neonatal unit among these children are not available. Nevertheless, stillbirth rates were low.

Implications for health care:

It is important for health care providers to realize that pregnant women with covid19 and their newborn babies are likely to need specialized health care, and that both women and their babies receive this care. This applies in particular to pregnant women infected with covid19 along with other comorbidities. The right of women under the pandemic to experience pregnancy must be guaranteed In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that whether a woman is infected with covid19 or not, her right to experience a healthy pregnancy and childbirth must be guaranteed. .

It is also important to recognize the increased stress and anxiety caused by covid19, which may be felt especially by pregnant women, newly pregnant women and their partners, children and families. Health care providers have a role in responding to pregnant women in an appropriate and compassionate manner.

Conclusion: Any pregnant woman in light of the outbreak of Corona should realize that she may not be well, so she must take the necessary measures to prevent covid 19  by not going to crowded places and not mixing in addition to maintaining social distance, washing hands, wearing a mask outside the house, and informing the caregiver Health on any offer that appears on it.

These measures are enough to protect you and your child.

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