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Acne mask for daily use and party

Acne mask for daily use and party

We assume you don’t like pimples as much as we do. Admit it, how many times have you wondered what’s best for acne and what cosmetics to use to get rid of it for good. Unfortunately, my love, we don’t have good news. It is not always possible to fight acne quickly and effectively. It happens that restoring the face to full smoothness is a long process during which our patience is really tested. However, remember that there is a way out of every situation. This also applies to acne. Before we can improve the condition of the skin and thus reduce imperfections, we can make them less noticeable. how? Of course, by masking it with cosmetics intended for acne-prone skin. We will tell you how to do it in two versions – every day and evening. Get ready for success!


Acne skin – try to accept!

Although fighting acne may seem like fighting windmills known in the literature, you must remember that with a little patience and commitment you can win it. What should you do? First of all, try to accept acne-prone skin and learn how to take care of it properly. The role of day care in minimizing blemishes should not be overestimated. Systemically applying cosmetics to acne-prone skin can do a lot. However, the requirement is that they are well suited to the needs of the skin. Try to choose those that contain active ingredients of natural origin. You will find them, among others in the line under twenty.

However, it may happen that, despite your best intentions, you will have to wait some time to get the first results. Therefore, you need to learn how to effectively hide acne lesions so that they become less noticeable. You will be served for this purpose matting powder – cosmetics that hide imperfections.


Acne cosmetics , both the ones you use for daily care and the ones you use make-up, are your allies. So try to choose the best products that are effective in fighting blemishes. One of them is Under Twenty, an antibacterial powder for acne-prone skin, a product that not only convinces, but also cares for the skin thanks to the high content of active ingredients of natural origin. Among them were, among others, green tea extract and bamboo stalk particles that absorb sebum, soothe the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and visually smooth the complexion. In turn, thanks to the presence of transparent polishing particles, the cosmetics easily adapt to the skin tone, providing a natural make-up look and a matte effect, thanks to which the face retains a fresh look for a longer time.

Powder for acne-prone skin from Under Twenty, you can use it to create both daytime makeup and evening makeup. The two applications are by no means different. All you have to do is apply the powder to your facial skin that’s previously been covered in BB cream or liquid (in the daytime version) and it’s ready. You can use a brush for this. With its help, you will gently sprinkle the face with powder, without applying a lot of product. This application will help you effectively hide acne lesions, while avoiding the so-called. mask effect. Going to an evening party, do not forget to take powder with you, thanks to which you will be able to make corrections in make-up, if necessary, after crazy all night on the dance floor.


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