Laser hair removal all about it

Laser hair removal all about it

If you want to remove your body hair, you can look for the best way to do it. Where shaving several times a week takes a long time, in addition to the burning of the razor and the scratching that it causes is the worst. Plucking or using hair removal machines seems like a small torture device.

Waxing can hurt like hell, especially if you have sensitive skin. The bad thing about all of this is that these options provide quick and instant results, but these results are not permanent and do not achieve 100% smooth and hair-free skin, and within a short period of time it grows again.
Do you want to have smooth, hair-free skin? Laser hair removal is the perfect solution.

What is a laser:

The laser is a monochromatic beam of light that bypasses the skin and disrupts the reproductive cycle of the hair inside the follicle, where
the beam of rays penetrates the hair root and destroys the follicles so that the follicles are not allowed to grow again.

Before going to the laser, here’s everything you need to know about laser hair removal:


Benefits and risks: The laser can precisely target several hairs at one time without damaging the surrounding skin, and the process takes place very quickly, as the laser pulses last less than a second for each one. But the important thing that we should know, is laser hair removal permanent? Believe it or not, one session removes all body hair, and completing 6 sessions spaced (from 6 to 8 weeks) provides permanent and continuous hair reduction. The laser works best on the armpits, legs and bikini area, because these areas are not hormonal, where the skin is thinner and the hair is thick.
The laser can be used safely all over the body, including areas with thin hair such as the face, fingers and nipples. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone who has dark pigment in body and facial hair, but thanks to the new laser and updated technology, people with light skin and light hair can expect results.
Amazing success.

As for the risks, they are superficial and usually occur within two weeks. There is a possibility to reduce the occurrence of complications. It is important to research in advance with the specialist to reduce any side effects. In order to get all the information related to the
procedure and discuss the expected results.

How to prepare for laser hair removal:

Shave the area you want to treat a day or two before laser hair removal, which helps the laser penetrate the
hair root without targeting the hair on the surface. You should not wax or pluck hair at least two weeks before
laser hair removal. Where the root must remain fixed until the laser destroys the hair completely.

If you are in your period
and do not want to miss the session, it is okay to wear a tampon during the session, but you should
know that your body will be more sensitive to pain during the period, so it is recommended to wait for a few days.

What to expect during treatment:

The most common types of lasers used are Alexandrite (for light skin), splendor for dark skin,
and Lumenis, which is a combination laser that has the longest wavelength of both types and is ideal for treating tanned
. your skin with a hand-held laser device, and each glide process will last less than a second.

Most people agree
that laser hair removal is not very painful, although it can be a
bit uncomfortable. Many people associate the feeling of laser cutting with a rubber band or a light pressure but
cool air or a cool mist of spray is applied to soothe the area throughout the process, Fortunately, the treatment is very fast, and
many consider the pain to be more tolerable than waxing.

Do not exercise immediately after the laser:

After the treatment there may be some redness on the skin that can last from 20 minutes to
a few hours, but this is completely normal. You can resume your daily activities within a few hours
after the procedure, but it is advised not to exercise on the same day, your hair follicles will be
very sensitive and inflamed After treatment, any activity that causes you to sweat can prolong irritation.

Until the introduction
of bacteria into the follicle, which leads to the appearance of a rash or worse, since your skin will be
sensitive after that, it is also important to apply sunscreen to any treated area that will be exposed
to sunlight as an additional layer of protection

Laser hair removal cost:

The cost varies from one place to another (from one clinic to another), you can actually perform laser hair removal at home thanks to a large number of
safe tools. But before treatment you will first need to test a small area of ​​skin on the inside of your arm, starting with the
lowest energy level on the laser and moving up. Wait 24 hours to make sure you do not suffer from any adverse reactions
, such as tingling, discomfort, burns or swelling of the skin, Before continuing to use…

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