Nocturnal urination:

Nocturnal urination:

It is about. The process of urinating the child during the night in his bed. And that after he becomes over five years old, and he has no symptoms. The problem of involuntary night urination in children is one of the most common problems.

which mothers suffer from. It is also considered one of the problems that cause anxiety and embarrassment for them, and it negatively affects their psyche. Especially for those over five years old.

Therefore, parents should look for the cause of the problem to treat it as soon as possible. There are statistics and studies that say 10% of children. They wet their bed at night after the age of 5 years, and this percentage increases in male children because of the different anatomy of their organs from that of females. The percentage is lower in females.

In this article, we will talk about bedwetting in children and ways to treat it.

Types of nocturnal urination:

There are two types of nocturnal urination in children after the age of five:

 First : The child in this type has not been trained on how to control urination, and he may not have dispensed with maintenance.

 Second : The child there has stopped urinating in his bed for a period of time. Then he returns again to do so, but he must be over five years old.

Causes of nocturnal urination:

  1. Parents not training their child in the ability to hold urine. Until he reaches the toilet, as a result, the child is unable to hold his urination.
  2. Do not feed your child meals that contain a lot of caffeine. Such as if the child drinks soft drinks in large quantities, or chocolate, as well as tea.
  3. The child drinks large amounts of fluids during the day, especially before bedtime.
  4. It is possible that a defect may occur in the process of secretion of the hormone responsible for regulating the urination process. It also prevents urination during the night, as a result of a dysfunction in the gland responsible for secreting this hormone.
  5. Family problems negatively affect the psyche of the child.
  6. Inheritance from a family member.
  7. Organic causes such as urinary tract infection, tonsillitis, and acute constipation.

Night urination treatment:

To treat bedwetting in children and ways to treat it:

First: Training the child to urinate during the day, and teaching him the process of holding urine for a while before going to the toilet.

Second: Do not allow the child to drink a lot of liquids that contain caffeine in large quantities.

Third: Regulating the child’s sleep, and not drinking water or any liquids two hours before bed.

Fourth: Awakening the child during the night and making him go to the bathroom, especially during cold days.

Fifthly: Not to finish and reprimand him, because this worsens his psychological condition. On the contrary, he must be psychologically supported and the reward and motivation factor used when he does not wet the bed.

Sixth: The mother should be patient, so that her impatience does not affect the child’s psyche.

Seventh   : Visit a doctor if other measures do not work.

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