How to deal with a child with weak personality or very fearful?

How to deal with a child with weak personality or very fearful?

Says a psychiatrist. These conditional statements that parents must put before their eyes are: If your child is weak in self-confidence, this is the reason that you do not encourage him constantly. And if your child is afraid and cowardly, it is because you are defending him or frightening and terrifying him. And if your child is weak, it is because you always use threats against him.

Parents see their children. They are strong in the face of their younger brothers, but they see them as cowards in the face of the violence of their peers at school, or perhaps it is weak character and cowardice. In admitting mistakes and facing them, or facing adults, even if it was in a polite way. If you have a child with a weak personality, how do you strengthen it?

This is the specific fear, so what are the solutions to this problem and how to deal with it?

Research indicates that it is the parents who instill fear and panic in the psyche of the child, and this is the result of great care and constant anxiety. Or as a result of using a method of severe intimidation, or as a result of the use of fear and panic in front of him. Even in situations that he has nothing to do with. If you have a child with a weak personality, how do you strengthen it?

Practical ideas and solutions:

  1. You should not show panic and branch in front of him, even from any position.
  2. The child should not be threatened or intimidated.
  3. You should not argue with your spouse or any other family member angrily in front of your child.
  4. Show love to your child with tenderness, hugs and kisses, while being careful not to be too pampered.
  5. You should allow your child to express his fear, sadness, or anger in conversation with his father or with you.
  6. He should be encouraged to be brave by reading stories about the courage of children.
  7. You have to make him distinguish between courage and recklessness or impudence, where he must respect the elders, order, and defend rights. Without offending literature.
  8. The child should be described with some positive words such as (You became a man, you are brave and noble). But while being careful not to compare him to others, you used to tell him that you are braver than your brothers. Or you are more radiant than your colleagues, this generates a negative aggressive stimulus.
  9. Understand your child. Courage is linked only to God and religion. So that courage does not come from a person, if this person is absent, he does not do anything.
  10. You should not make fun of your child or describe him as a coward or weak character.
  11. Do not allow your child to watch movies that incite violence, as this has a negative effect. Especially for children under fifteen.
  12. Encourage your child to defend himself, and do not allow others to harm your child.
  13. Be a friend of your child and make time for him.
  14. Assign your child some tasks and when you do them buy him and praise him in front of his father and older brothers.
  15. Put it in sports, religious, educational or artistic groups to develop team spirit and teamwork in it.

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