How to lighten the skin under the armpits

How to lighten the skin under the armpits

For many people, dark armpits can be an embarrassment. Dark armpit skin can prevent some people from wearing sleeveless shirts. Wearing swimwear in public places and participating in sports. Like skin blemishes and discoloration on other parts of the body, dark armpit color can lead to a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem.

What causes blackening of the armpits?

There are many possible causes of armpit darkening including 

1. Deodorants and antiperspirants (chemical irritants)

2. Shaving (irritation and abrasion)

3. Accumulation of dead skin cells (lack of peeling, tight clothing, rubbing) 

4. Hyperpigmentation caused by smoking 

5. Hyperpigmentation (increased melanin)

6. nigricans nigricans are often a sign of diabetes, obesity or abnormal hormone levels 

7. erythrasma bacterial infection 

8. Melasma (dark spots on the skin).

9. Addison’s disease (adrenal gland damage).

The first steps to lighten the armpits:

The first answer to the question “How to lighten the armpits” is to treat the underlying causes 

1. Not a brand of deodorant/antiperspirant, people switch to a natural alternative like baking soda or apple cider vinegar. People stop using deodorant completely. 

2. Stop shaving. Some people choose waxing or laser hair removal instead 

3. Exfoliate. Many people use a body scrub or a face scrub two to three times a week 

4. Wear loose clothing 

5. Stop smoking.

How to lighten the armpit area naturally:

Many people opt for a natural way to lighten their armpits. People about natural remedies suggest a number of natural bleaching agents, including 

1. Potatoes: grate a potato and squeeze the juice from the grated potatoes, and apply the juice on the armpits after 10 minutes. Rinse the armpits with cold water. 

2. Cucumber: Cut thick slices of cucumber and rub the slices on the dark areas of the armpits. After 10 minutes, rinse the armpit area with cold water. 

3. Lemon: cut thick slices of lemon and rub it on the armpits. After 10 minutes, rinse the armpits with cold water, dry them and apply a moisturizer. 

4. Orange peel: Mix 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of rose water with enough orange peel powder to make a thick paste.

Gently rub the armpits with the paste, then leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Repeat two to three times a week. 

5. Turmeric: In a small bowl, mix two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with enough turmeric to make a paste. Apply the paste evenly on the armpits, after 30 minutes, wash off the paste 

6. Egg oil: Just before bedtime, massage your armpits with egg oil. The next morning, wash your armpits with a pH-balanced lotion or soap. 

7. Coconut oil: Apply it under your armpits in the evening and leave it until the morning and wash it in the morning with soap and water.

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