Why is a blood sample taken from the child’s heel?

Why is a blood sample taken from the child’s heel?

A question that most people ask. Then it is important and necessary to check the heel blood for each newborn baby. This analysis is an indicator to detect genetic diseases that if discovered early, can be treated, and the child continues his life normally without disability. As for children whose heels are not analyzed and who have problems and genetic diseases, they complete their lives with permanent disability and sometimes even death, unfortunately.

Phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis and biotinase deficiency are all investigated. The importance of the calcaneus sample for the newborn must be known.

How can I know the result of drawing blood from my child’s heel?

The first sample is taken in the hospital after the birth of the child, and all the details of the child and his family are recorded, including the phone number and home address. If you are not contacted, the first sample is healthy and there are no problems. The health center is contacted only for samples in which there is a suspicion that they are incorrect, so the parents are contacted in order to repeat the sample, if the results contain problems, then the family is informed and a referral is written to the specialist doctor. Hence the importance of the heel sample. for the newborn.

Why is the sample taken again from my child?

The sample is taken again from the child a week after birth, with a routine suspicion, after the child is fed from his mother’s milk so that the results are real. The second part of the analyzes that must be examined, for example, will be thyroid hormones in the second analysis, as well as adrenal analyzes. Similarly, if there is any doubt in the results, the health center contacts the child’s parents to repeat the sample. Then, if the result is confirmed, a referral of the child is written to the specialized center and the specialized doctor for treatment. Then the follow-up is carried out jointly by the first health center (Family Health) and the party to which the child was referred.

What is congenital hypothyroidism (CHT)?

Congenital hypothyroidism is a congenital disease that occurs with a deficiency of thyroid hormone. Consanguineous marriage increases the incidence of this disease.

What are the symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism (CHT)?

It does not show signs and symptoms in the newborn period in most cases. Then the diagnosis is made according to the values ​​of the thyroid hormones reported in the heel blood sample. If not treated early, mental retardation and dwarfism are inevitable and inevitable, unfortunately. It is important to early diagnosis and then follow-up treatment.

What is the treatment for congenital hypothyroidism (CHT)?

You will be referred to a pediatric endocrinology clinic for diagnosis. Treatment is easy, cheap and effective in children who suffer from early diagnosis. The thyroid hormone is available in the market, that is, in all pharmacies, and at a very low cost, the form of the drug varies according to the different manufacturers. Then it protects our children from mental retardation and dwarfism.

What is phenylketonuria (PKU)?

Phenylketonuria is an inherited metabolic disease. The disease is transmitted from father and mother to the child through genes. Phenylalanine is a protein building block in disease, it cannot be used in the body, that is, it is not discharged in the body, and it accumulates in the blood and causes irreversible brain damage (that is, it works to destroy brain cells and does not repair later) (inbreeding increases the incidence of this disease .

What are the symptoms of phenylketonuria (FKU)?

If the disease is not diagnosed early, skin lesions can appear and also in the form of severe mental retardation, convulsions and seizures, aggressive behavioral disorders or autism, and dermatitis can be seen in children, according to parents, in 60% of cases, there is light color of hair and eyes And the skin.

What is a phenylketonuria (PKU) alternative treatment?

You will be referred to the specialized center to confirm the diagnosis of the disease. After diagnosis, children can lead a healthy life with an appropriate diet. That is, only the treatment will be through a very special diet.

What is biotinidase deficiency (BE)?

As a result of a congenital deficiency of an enzyme called biotinidase, disorders occur in the body’s processing of a vitamin called biotin. Often the disease is transmitted from the mother and father through genes. This disease increases with inbreeding.

What are the symptoms of biotinidase deficiency (BE)?

Disorders resulting from the imbalance of the active acid levels in the body lead to a different clinical and laboratory picture. Such as skin problems, partial hair loss, hearing and vision loss, spasticity and neurological symptoms.

What is the treatment for biotinidase deficiency (BE)?

Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in biotinidase deficiency. In some cases, delay in diagnosis and treatment can cause neurological symptoms and death. You will be referred and directed by the family doctor in the health center to a specialized center. Where the diagnosis of the disease is confirmed and appropriate treatment is given, which is to give the child a vitamin called biotin orally.

What is cystic fibrosis?

It is a common genetic disease that affects the exocrine glands in all systems, making the exocrine cells dark and sticky.

This disease is transmitted from mother and father through genes, and consanguineous marriage increases the incidence of this disease.

What are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis?

Disorders can be seen in many of the organs that are secreted in the body. The most common infection of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Then the abnormal secretions accumulate in the airways, causing the stability of microbes, repeated infections of the lungs and gradually worsening, and the lungs are gradually damaged and the child may die.

What is the treatment of cystic fibrosis?

The child will be referred through the Family Health Center to the specialized center and the specialist doctor. Where the diagnosis and infection will be confirmed. There is no specific treatment for this disease. The cystic fibrosis examination aims to provide genetic counseling to the family in the early period, and then slow the course of the disease and increase the quality of life in early diagnosis. Only occasional, life-long supportive treatment is offered.

Conclusion :

These analyzes must be adhered to because of their utmost necessity (heel analysis). After knowing the importance of the heel sample, the information must be given accurately to the health care provider, such as phone number and residential address, which are very important. Staying away from consanguineous marriage because of its tragic effects on our children and on us. We must enjoy a high culture and educate our children about the dangers of inbreeding, which our beloved Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, forbade.

Note: This analysis is not available in all countries, despite its importance. For example, in Syria, it does not exist. In some Gulf countries, Turkey and Europe, this analysis is used. In which country are you located, ask about this analysis and work for your child. After knowing the importance of the foot heel sample for the child.


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