Home remedies for melasma

Home remedies for melasma

 Melasma is the appearance of dark brown to gray spots on the face. Melasma can affect anyone, but it often appears when

Dark-skinned women. It has been associated with female hormones. Melasma is also a common skin disorder of the following group:

* – Pregnant women.

*- The contraceptive pill when used by women.

*- When using replacement hormones that women use in menopause.

_ The appearance of dark spots (melasma) that occurs in:

1- forehead

2- cheeks

3- chin

4- nose

5- upper lip

Home remedies for melasma:

If the cause of melasma is pregnancy or birth control pills. The discolored spots may fade on their own after pregnancy or if you stop taking the contraceptive pill. However, melasma can be considered at home. Here are some common home remedies:

Aloe vera:

Studies have shown that when pregnant women use aloe vera, the pigmentation has reduced a lot.

Polysodium leuctomus: commonly known as fern, it is sold under the brand name heliocare.

Tranexamic acid:  It is a promising oral treatment for melasma. This acid is a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine.


This antioxidant contains three amino acids (cysteine, glutamine, and glycine found in most mammals. The same thing was shown by a 2017 study that glutathione when taken orally reduces melanin in people with melasma compared to those who took a placebo because excessive melanin production leads to hyperpigmentation;  

Sun protection:

Protect your skin. Apply sunscreen every day and reapply every two hours and wear a wide-brimmed hat when you’re outdoors

Medical treatment of melasma: One option may be hydroquinone. This topical treatment of hyperpigmentation is available without a prescription as a lotion, gel or liquid. Other treatments may include:

1- tretinoin

2- corticosteroids

3- Triple cream (a mixture of hydroquinone, trellionine and corticosteroid).

4- حامضي Azelaic

If topical medications do not work, doctors recommend treatment for melasma:

*- Chemical peel

*- Microdermabrasion

*- laser treatment

*- Micronddle

Finally, be patient during treatment, as results often take months to appear. Once the melasma is gone, your doctor may recommend preventive treatment to prevent it from returning.

Regardless of which treatment is best for you, remember that prevention is key. Wear a wide hat and apply sunscreen daily.

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